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Welcome to the club!

Bebop's Supper Club is in Harrisburg, PA. We believe that there is always a reason to celebrate and have opened our home for doing just that. There's a place for you at the table. Come join us!


What else do you do?

Besides our monthly supper club, we host private parties! Not only that, we take our love of celebration anywhere. Let us help you plan, execute, and carry out your dream celebration perfectly. See our Services page for more information.


What is a supper club?

A supper club is a monthly culinary experience-a personalized dinner party. The purpose is to share stories with friends, discover delicious food, and maybe learn something you never knew, all in the warm inviting atmosphere of a home. The menu always changes. The theme never stays the same. But the fun happens no matter what.

Once or twice a month a fresh new menu and new theme will be presented. Experiences will range from cooking classes, to cocktail menus, to seven course meals, to ethnic specialities, maybe even a poetry and art night! Reservations are first come first serve for groups of eight to sometimes up to 20. Dates and details will be announced at least one month in advance on social media.

You may have questions.

How do I know when it is?

The next supper club dates, recommended donation, and any updates will be announced on Instagram and in our monthly newsletter.

Where is it?

We are located in Harrisburg, Pa. Once you have reserved your spot, the address will be sent to you through text.

Who will I be eating with?

It's very possible you may be eating alongside strangers. Each supper club will have its own unique theme and set-up. You may be across from your bff, or someone you don't know, or in your own private oasis. You can reserve all of our available spots for your entire group. Or just reserve for yourself and friend. Whatever'll still be a party.

What about food allergies?

We are a very small operation and unfortunately cannot accommodate food allergies or special diets except in the case of private supper clubs.

What about alcohol?

Lucky for you, we are BYOB! Occasionally, we will offer a beverage package as part of the evening.

I made a reservation. Can I cancel a reservation?

Reservations are not secure until payment is received.

All sales are final. Unfortunately, there are no refunds. However, feel free to give your space to a friend!

Can I book a private supper club?

Absolutely! The minimum guest count is 8 people and prices start at $125 per person. Please email us to book a private event or to book a supper club outside of the listed dates. Let's talk!

Still have questions? Contact us!

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