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Six Months of Suppers

January. I had just lost my dream job. What I thought was the one that would propel me into the career I always wanted.

So, I did the only thing I knew how to do...throw a party. That was the birth of Bebop's. Looking back, I couldn't be more grateful. Bebop's Supper Club has provided not only an outlet for creativity, but a space for people to celebrate, gather, and rest. We have been overwhelmed at the response and get excited about the growth that will come.

In April we launched our first public supper and booked a surprising three in just that first month. Those first three were filled with anticipation and guests who just couldn't wait to try something new and have a good time. And the ball kept rolling!

In May we hosted a large party to celebrate a breast cancer survivor's end of chemo and beginning of new life. Live music, cash bar, family style dining al fresco propelled us in a summer of celebration.

June was a time to step back, regroup, after back to back weekends of suppers. We took the time to prepare for a very busy summer which included a wedding. But we still managed to squeeze in a Bachelorette party.

July featured two birthday parties! And immediately following we hosted a magical European, family style wedding the first weekend in August. Long white table, lemons and olive, bartenders, servers, fireworks -- it was a true party. The neighbors were happy to lend their yards for parking and enjoyed the firework show from their windows! If that wasn't' enough, we hosted back to back private supper clubs at the end of the month.

September was the first true public supper club experience. Strangers took a chance to dine with strangers and the effect was pure magic. The weather, the music, the food, the company all culminated into an evening that felt divine. This may have been one of my favorites...but I say that about every supper club.

Here we are in October and we can't wait to host you and your dreams. Our home is your home, our table is your table, and our pleasure is to serve you.

See you soon!



A little fun in the kitchen!

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